A few of my favourite things

Last night, when I was biking home, I noticed the reflection of the moonlight on the wet stone roofs of the houses on my street. I got of my bike and walked those last couple hundred meters, looking at those glistening rooftops and the moon partly veiled behind the clouds. It was a beautiful evening, all with the Guy Fawkes day fireworks and sycamore leaves filling the gutters.

I love listing my favourite things. Like this:

wet slates in moonlight
pavement covered by falling leaves
last blossoms of hydrangea
planes flying low
getting home after long day and eating cake in front of the fire
dried seedpods
holly and ivy and mistletoe in bare trees
magpie knocking on my window.

The last happened on Sunday morning and I have been waiting for the magpie to come back one of these days.


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