It’s nice, summer, isn’t it?


Early August evening in the estuary.


Clear waters.


Pretty much the highlight of every trip to Finland, every time: sauna. Woodburning, naturally.


The bottom of the estuary. The water was actually quite warm, despite all the warnings that this year water temperatures are record low.


I caught a fish. Okay, it was only a tiny perch, and was eaten by my friend’s cat, but still.


Oulu. The Nordic Gulf water is brack water, and either clear or light brown like weak tea, meaning it always reflects the colours of the sky unlike proper sea water. On my (shockingly short) list of things I miss from Finland, the shiny clear waters rank high.


Gooseberries ripening.



A rummage through boxes of my old stuff produced these photos. On top, my mother and me with my olders niece on her first birthday, whole 13 years ago. I was young and not entirely unfortunate-looking once 😉 On the right, with my brother in the 1970s, in the summer cottage of my mother’s oldest friend. My brother isn’t quite so smiley any more, but he is still just a tiny bit ginger. The third picture is my father as a young soldier in the 1950s.


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