Autumn’s last glory…

…or something to that effect. This autumn hasn’t been very productive in terms of photography for me. I have been constantly busy, and consistently poorly, with one cold, one ear infection after another. Deafness in one ear is starting to become a norm now, and half of the time I don’t know if I’m shouting or whispering, because I cannot quite hear my own voice. Two and a half weeks of term left, three before I go to Finland. I cannot actually believe it’s the end of November already – my workplace has Christmas trees up and everything, and over the past few weeks we have been busy making decorations for the Radcliffe Camera yarn bomb, but Christmas seems still seems to be rather a long way away.
IMGP4184This is a revisit of the first photo I took in Oxford six years ago (view the original here), taken on the day before The Big Storm was about to hit us – basically, the day I realised it really is autumn now, after being too busy to notice for a too long time. This was a challenging day for picture taking – first it was windy, then it was raining, and all along it was dark.
IMGP4175Same tree, different angle.
IMGP3949The cows in Port Meadow. I went walking with my camera, and came back with this shot, one of geese, and about hundred Instagram photos. Some days I’m just not feeling it.
IMGP3991Few autumn shots taken during a photography workshop I took part in few weeks ago. Our instruction was to create a focal point one third “in” the picture. My trusty old 50mm worked its magic once again.
IMGP4198This family was feeding the birds in the University Parks; the would toss bread in air for the gulls to catch, and once they started moving, all hundreds of birds in the pond followed them around the pond, shrieking for more.
IMGP4223I loved these as a kid.
IMGP4230A rather mournful tree. I’m always amazed when I see trees that have absorbed anything that was in the way of their growth – gravestones, bicycles, fences. I imagine this is how the earth will be once people are gone – the nature ruthlessly growing through everything, not caring what obstacles we have built.


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