Blow, blow thy winter wind, Part 1

December now feels like it was years ago. Holidays at home were one of the hardest, most depressing times I have ever had – the weather was gloomy, the sun not showing itself once for nearly three weeks, the endless cycle of sleet and ice and rain, the darkness more oppressing than ever before. My mother was ill, and so were the rest of us. Christmas didn’t really happen. The only really bright memory is New Year, when the ground finally got its white cover of snow, I met friends and drank bubbly from a mug. I only took about 25 photos over the holidays, forcing myself to take the camera out of its bag just so that didn’t bring with me for nothing.

Bird tracks on freshly fallen sleet.

I would normally love this sort of thing, but there just wasn’t light to lift up the details of the nature or landscape.

In the bleak midwinter darkness, the horizon sort of disappears, land and sky becoming one, blurry grey mass. The sea was frozen, but not strong enough to carry my weight.

Abandoned boats in the marina. Some of these have been there for years, in the summer all but invisible among the bushes that have overtaken the beach, slowly falling apart. The owners have probably died long ago, and these boats will be the last earthy thing left of them.

This is my niece. She bluntly refuses to pose (her younger sister on the other hand cannot get enough of it), but I managed to sneak this snap of her before she turned her back to me. I rather like the way how the wind has wrapped her hair around her face. It may not be a perfect picture – or even a good picture – but it is her.



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