The spring marches on – the past week may have been cold, but the daffodils keep creeping north. Watch out, Kate D! for they are coming for you.


Crocuses at Magdalen College. It has been both quiet and very busy couple of weeks. Many exciting things happening – I have planned travels, bought tickets, heard wonderful music, met people, fallen in love with old friends all over again, been inspired and exhausted. Holidays are so close I can smell them, and my head is heavy from lack of sleep. So many things to look forward to! and summer is just one of them.


My secret place. I love this cemetery (I know, I know); it’s a small haven of quiet in the middle of the city, and has the best flowers of any season – a carpet of snowdrops in February, awash with cowparsley and bluebells in May. And there is a lilac tree in the shadow.



Another visit to the butterflies of the Natural History Museum…


…and a day out with a friend. The pie lunch was a sweet, delicious mistake.


The Port Meadow lake is gone, and I miss its shining waters.


Read about my “interesting” visit to Stratford-upon-Avon and about my Shakespeare project in here.


Spring daffodil. The tulip season is over, so my flat now smells of daffodils. They such cheerful, almost vulgar flowers, full of sunshine and completely unrepentant.


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