A spring evening in Oxford, on my way to have a rather extravagant dinner after a day out. This place, its street and back alleys, never stops to inspire me.


The mosaic floor of Victoria & Albert Museum. I went there to do some serious photography last week, with the intent of mastering challenging light conditions, learning a bit more about certain settings. Wait for the results.


Antonio Canova’s sculpture The three Graces, portraying the daughters of Zeus – Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia – who were said to represent beauty, charm and joy. In the same gallery, there is a rather hilarious Victorian painting of two men inspecting a marble nude of a woman. Again, a beautiful statue, and a joy to behold, but rather obviously symbolic of woman’s value and place.


Hyde Park heron. This is not my favourite park in London, but going as I was from South Kensington to Oxford Street to meet a friend, I walked through it, on a glorious spring day. I was rather sad to see the water of the Serpent to be so dirty, and the lake bottom essentially dead. People, please stop throwing your trash anywhere and everywhere. The nature deserves better.


Cow parsley skirting the hawthorn hedge.

20140421-171815.jpgConstable’s Clouds. The skies on Staurday were particularly dramatic, yet the early evening was warm and tender.


Forget-me-nots, growing as weeds in the flower beds of the University Parks.

20140421-171859.jpgNature taking back her own.

20140421-172124.jpgA quick visit to my secret place, the Jericho cemetery, on my way home from an afternoon in the pub with friends. Minutes later, the rain came. The bluebells are at their best, the cow parsley growing high, the beech leaves just on the cusp of turning green, and the lilacs blooming. I have spent much time outdoors over the Easter holiday, walking a great deal, enjoying the early spring after so much bad weather. I want to grab as much of the spring as I can before it goes, to enjoy the flowers and hazy evenings. In the middle of all this loveliness, it’s hard to believe that the summer has barely begun.


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