A Jericho cat, colly sitting in a shop window full of handmade, unique pottery.


Pie in a pub, with friends and knitting.


Yet more knitting.


First Pimm’s of the summer, always a landmark event. The early May Bank Holiday has been lovely – if only I didn’t have this wretched cold! I spent most of the Monday in bed, reading Almost English by Charlotte Mendelson. A good read, but I was a bit bothered by the author brushing the almost-rape of the main character aside in favour of some old family feud. This book was a lot like Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld – an odd-one-out girl in an almost posh school, desperate to fit in and at the same time strangely determined to not to, though Marina Farkas is much more likeable than the protagonist of Prep.


Spring rushing into summer.


The cowparsley, the cowparsley!


The giant horse chesnut of Jesus College in full bloom, filling the air with the heavy scent of its flowers.


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