End of the road

For many months now, I have been planning the opening street party of the MCS Arts Festival, happening this week. This has been a long, occasionally difficult process bringing as much frustration as it has brought joy and moments of success. The last week – when all arrangements were already in place, everything booked and we ready to go – brought a sudden venue change when a Victorian sewer collapsed under the street around the corner from Broad Street, forcing us to change our plans and downshift considerably. But, after all was said and done, we had a great day.

The day dawned grey, and the rain was falling hard by the time the first performers – a brass band – got on the stage. The gamely carried on, and soon enough, the party really was happening.


The sun came out eventually. But not before the whole team and a samba band had got soaked.
Crowd dancing to the big, cool sound of Electric Swing Circus, a Birmingham electro swing band taking a break from Glastonbury to perform on Bonn Square.
The Oxford-based Duchess came on the stage just as the rain started pouring again.
Some cartooning happened: local artist Neill Cameron created a hilarious commentary about the adventures of a giant robot in the event.
The juggler needed a bit of help from the robot.
Faces in the crowd.
Long day drawing to an end.


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