IMG_5520Gas towers in Hackney in east London. I love these, the utilitarian, steampunky beauty of them.
Beautiful graffiti in Hackney.
Constable’s clouds over Berkshire.
IMG_5590From the city streets to the country. I visited the Stanlake Park winery in Twyford, Berkshire, with some friends couple of weeks ago and heartily recommend it. The vineyards and gardens are beautiful, the wine fairly good and very reasonably priced, and Ruth the tour guide lovely and hilarious.
IMG_5680Constable’s clouds over Gloucestershire.
IMG_5724Maple avenues in Cornbury Park, near Wychwood Forest, our second day destination.
IMG_5666Welcome to Cotswolds.
IMG_5739Roman snail crossing the road near Charlbury train station.
IMG_5675From home counties to Cotswolds. I spend the August Bank Holiday weekend in Costswolds, walking, eating, spending time with a friend. The summer has faded into autumn rather quickly, and the landscapes are breathtaking – from a hillside opens a view of ranges of hills, sprinkled with little hamlets and church towers, clouds of smoke from gardeners burning leaves rising here and there. There is something comforting about the vast silence of the countryside, but also something eerie, hostile almost. There are abandoned barns and plague villages, and the place names suggest of past horrors. Ask me sometime why Dancer’s Hill is called so.


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