IMG_6650I have never been big on New Year’s resolutions – not on making them, and not on keeping them – but recently I’ve been through some difficult stuff, and taking stock on where I am and what needs improving (= most aspects of my life), so, Bridget Jones -style, I have drawn up a list for 2015:

  • Write more – creative, blog, diary, anything. I have an art journal of sorts, full of pictures of artwork I love, drawings (see above) and poems and whatnot – sort of collage of what inspires me or says something about my present mood – but I don’t work enough with my own words.
  • Read more. Because I work as a librarian, people assume I spend all my days reading. I don’t. I read shamefully little these days, and want to change that…
  • …which brings me to this: spend less time online, and particularly spend less time doing pointless stuff like reading about Downton Abbey on Tumblr.
  • Live more frugally. I suspect I’m spending a lot of money on nothing (i.e. on things like bottled water and Radio Times every week), and feel rather bad about it.
  • Become more socially active. I joined a knitting group couple of years ago, and have met some amazing people through it, but I think I’m still not doing enough, even if I do have some very good friends.
  • Volunteer/give money to charity. I decided this already a while ago, but as with most things in life, it takes some effort to overcome the inertia to actually do something, and I’m determined to look into charities helping the homeless.

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