October has brought a few spectacular mornings, none more so than this – there’s something magical about autumn fog, be it light mist on the fields in a cold, sunny morning, or thick blanket that covers the streets.
I saw the adaptation of South Riding on BBC few years ago, but didn’t pick up the book until now. It has instantly become one of my all time favourites. It’s funny, unsentimental and poignant, and has some wonderful characters in it, and Holtby’s style of prose is flowing and fresh.
Oxford. The autumn from the beginning of October to Christmas is the best season in the Covered Market; soon the butchers’ shops will hang game and birds, and the greengrocers will display pumpkins, and then there will be lights and real trees.
The crafting season is upon us.As is the candle-burning season.
And the concert season. My autumn season opener was Ariadne; followed by some divine Schubert by Sarah Connolly. Just because I haven’t finished the previous project, there’s no reason to not to start a new one…


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