IMGP4731 IMGP4546 IMGP4803_For the second year running, I spent the last day before flying to Finland in the Oxford University Botanic Garden. The weather was finally good, the garden ripe, and the fear of missing out on the flowers at their peak made me abandon sensible things like packing for nearly three weeks abroad, and go out instead. I love the Botanic garden – it’s a bit expensive, and a bit crowded on a nice weekend day, but somehow it always manages to be quiet and calming. And I never feel more English than when walking along the herbaceous borders and sitting on the immaculately tidy lawns, surrounded by the spires of Oxford.

IMGP4499 IMGP4522 IMGP4535 IMGP4574 IMGP4578 IMGP4586 IMGP4597IMGP4527IMGP4630 IMGP4635 IMGP4655IMGP4694 IMGP4705IMGP4675 IMGP4754 IMGP4771So, there you go. Another year’s compulsory flower post done.

All photos were rescaled using a batch editing software, some sharpness has been lost in that. I used my trusty Pentax with a Tamron 17-50mm lens.


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