imgp6380 imgp6414 imgp6421 imgp7015 imgp7012imgp6494 imgp6666imgp6474 imgp6579 imgp6527 imgp6724 imgp6729 imgp6739 imgp6740imgp6990 imgp6853 imgp6989 imgp6745imgp6683 imgp6869 imgp6718 imgp6793imgp7104 imgp6974 imgp7108 imgp6999 imgp6826 imgp7121 imgp7062As a resident of St Giles, I have a love-hate relationship with the fair. There’s something undeniably magnificently bonkers about the whole idea. The fair being blessed by the priests of St Giles church is extraordinary. The clean, empty street on Wednesday morning, devoid of any signs of what’s been going on for the past few days, is nothing short of miraculous. I (sort of) love all the garish lights and colours and enjoy the smell of donuts and spit roast and hot dogs and the sight of people carrying oversized stuffed animals around. But the fair is also noisy and disruptive to all normal life, bringing sleepless nights and forcing residents away. The fair also photographs very poorly – the fast moving people and the bright, flashing lights just don’t make a good combination. The rides move fast for someone who is has problems with continuous focus. Someone will be photobombing your carefully framed portraits, or the people move out of the frame. And the light on their faces will always, always be terrible.


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