About me


I’m a librarian, reader, would-be writer, photographer, fanatic Instagrammer, knitting enthusiast, opera fangirl and daydreamer. One day I’ll publish my novel, and move to the seaside, but in the meantime I’m content to obsess about Shakespeare, get excited about everything and anything, and drink daiquiris.

What’s in the name? I started this blog while sitting in a library in Oxford. While I was trying to think of what to call it, a red admiral butterfly fluttered in through an open window. It browsed a bit before borrowing a copy of Pride and Prejudice and flying away, no doubt to sit in the herb garden and read.

The photographs are all my own – please don’t use them without permission.

Random fact about this blog: almost three years after I wrote it, my post on the crochet blanket on Call the Midwife still gets on average three views a day.

My other blog, which I’m reviving this spring, is here: http://www.shakespeareforabsolutebeginners.wordpress.com/

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